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A Safe, Friendly, Stimulating Environment where Fun is the Name of Learning  

We provide a learning environment that is happy, secure and courteous. Our curriculum is broad and balanced to ensure the holistic development of the child in aspects of physical, social, cognitive, emotional and moral development. The curriculum is based on not just one principle but the best from various schools of thought on early childhood, such as; Montessori, Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emelio and Playway.

Learning at VKIDS takes an approach that is activity and theme based, enriched with trips, visits and visitors to school; it has been identified that children have an instinctive tendency to develop through spontaneous experiences in the environment. Therefore, teachers are trained, amongst other things, on "careful observation" and indirect methods of teaching. Keeping in mind that children are different and have unique ways to grasp things, we ensure that various techniques and sensibilities are used such as those involving movement, visualization and feel.

We value all children as individuals and provide a learning opportunity that will build on their strengths. Therefore learning focuses on honing multiple intelligences, restricting not only to language and logical thinking, but including various others such as spatial, kinesthetic, musical and interpersonal. Our aim is to foster good learning habits for life and provide children with a safe and stimulating environment within which they can grow into happy and sociable individuals.
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  Nature of Teaching and Evaluation process

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Our evaluation process follows a formal as well as an informal format, both reflecting on the social, cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the child's development. Comprehensive and continuous assessment and evaluation are under-taken to help understand child behavior in various contexts. It is based on structural observation and analysis of individual child's work over a period of time.



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The children are introduced to a more formal form of routine to lay a foundation for all learning. A wide arena of themes broadens this developmental horizon. The curriculum is aimed at all round development of a child. A range of pre-reading and pre-writing activities are introduced to help children learn one step at a time. The curriculum gives an opportunity to your child to experiment with ideas and gain new experiences. We aim to instill in a child the skill to enjoy and explore his environment and channel his abundant energy in purposeful and creative manner.

 VKIDS gives vent to attain knowledge by using observation, sorting and comparing, creative problem solving using intelligence, reflection, documenting experiences and valuing for comprehensive development for each future genius and at the end of pre-primary year children should be ready to face the formal extensive education system. We sprinkle the essential moral elements throughout the curriculum which intends to motivate young minds to make better choices, make them stronger and more confident.