The Best Four After School Activities for Children that can be tried out

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Children’s exciting day continues even after the school hours with the right kind of after school activities. These activities certainly help children to think something new and innovative.

Here are some of the great ideas and tips that can help you to have a great time spending with children after school hours.

1. Allow your child to make a snack with you. Usually, children love helping elders during snack preparation, instead of making a snack alone. Help them in assisting you, so that they can prepare a healthy meal after school .

2. If time and weather permits, better take your children for a short trip to park. It is a kind of refreshment for your children to spend time under mild sunshine after school hours. If you don’t find a park around, better choose a safe area for your children to play.

3. Children of all ages love reading story books. It is better to schedule time to read story books. Find a book from your collection, or you can borrow a book from your nearest library. Not only its a kind of entertainment, it also escalates the love towards reading.

4. It is important that you assist your kid in completing his/her homework. At times it may be challenging for you and also for your kid, depending on the assignment. But the ideas that you deliver while finishing the task is what counts.

These ideas will certainly help your child to explore new activities. It is also important that you monitor your child’s progress.



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Top Reasons why School Trips Are Very Beneficial For School Children

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Parents need to understand the advantages of school trips. School trips are more valuable in escalating the children all round development. Memories and experiences during the school trip are extremely durable. Lets discuss about the benefits of travelling away for a while away from school and classroom environment that cannot be matched with any other activity at the school.

Vkids School Trip

Confident Individuals

Being away from the school for a few days will bring develop maturity in the child. It also forces the child to live out of their comfort zone also help them to adapt. It also develops social skill, working together and trust. Teachers and parents can see a drastic change in the maturity levels of the children after couple of school trips. Students can express themselves in a pretty confident way in a new outdoor setting.

The new setting for children also inspire them to learn new activities and implement things that are out of their capability, which leads to find out innovative and new interests. Learning new things on school trips is pretty much active rather learning things in a classroom in a passive way. It is a different learning style and it certainly suits primary and secondary students.

Successful Learners

School trips certainly have the enougn potential to lay good foundation for building positive attitude and it also ecourages successful learning. School trips certainly have the enough potential to lay good foundation for building positive attitude and it also encourages successful learning. Children also enjoy learning new things, and they even don’t realize that they are able to learn new things, which can make a difference in achieving something great.

Learning new things away from school can be more beneficial, and these trips are great for child’s academic growth and development of social awareness.

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Reasons why Every playschool or daycare Must Have a Parent Teacher Association

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Usually, every school in Bangalore has the practice of conducting a teacher-parent meet. Generally, this particular program is organized by the school officials during the admissions, after an exam results to discuss about the kid performance and progress. This session or meet up helps enhancing the kid’s overall academic score.
Usually, this session will be a one sided program, where teacher speak more about the meet up and leave parents to deliver their suggestions. This particular session helps parents to express their suggestions and in turn helps their children to develop in right manner. However, it is important to have a parent-teacher meet for the below mentioned reasons.

1. The parent-teacher meet up helps in the tracking the academic record of the child. This particular meeting also helps teacher to get suggestions from parents and mold the child to perform better in the exams accordingly.
2. Here in the meet up, parents will be aware of the problems that teachers encounter with the current teaching methodologies and the children development can be addressed directly.
3. Parent-teacher meet up will automatically inculcates the child discipline.
4. Every child has their own interest in developing their skill in one particular area. The parent-teacher meeting will help the child to discover their interests and hidden talent.
Parent Teacher Association

When it comes to schools in Whitefield, VKIDS- the parent-teacher association is an active body of the School. VKIDS Strongly believe that parent-teacher association will certainly improve overall quality of education

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Summer Camp In Bangalore-Reasons why every Child Need This

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Summer camp for children provides wonderful opportunity for children to move around. Summer camp schedule include running, swimming, hiking, and climbing.
If you are from Bangalore, and looking for the best Summer Camp in Bangalore, then you can find several numbers of playschools offering the services. Summer camps has more to do with the development of their critical thinking and leadership skills and less with their spending time doing fun.
Children spend more time being more active physically in summer camps. It also boasts self confidence.
Physical activity can be increased-Summer camps are a major factor for increased physical activity in kids because an ongoing workout is a natural part of a day in a summer camp.
summer camp in bangalore
• Lasting, diverse relationships-An opportunity to meet new people of all age groups is provided to your child enabling them to have new friends and role models.
• Development of self confidence, self reliance and self sufficiency-The kids learn to take responsibilities for themselves, their belongings, even while giving space to their peers. They become self sufficient and self confident.
• A greater experience with Nature- Being in phase with nature reduces stress levels, improves mood and provides stimulations to the child’s senses.
• Safety away from home-Trained professionals supervises the kids at a summer camp. So the parents can be satisfied for the safety of their wards.
• Positive risk taken-Small positive risks are taken in a camp which enables the child to step out of his comfort zone and explore the world around him.

Finally the atmosphere at camp brings people together. Activities like singing, laughing, talking, and playing develop healthy relationship between kids.
All in all the memories of a lifetime can be gathered by spending some days in a summer camp. Summer Camp in Bangalore is a worthwhile investment of time and money for the young parents and kids alike.

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How to choose an appropriate childcare or day-care center for your child

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For a parent, it is extremely important to know your child’s likes, dislikes, health, interests, behavior and temperament. For sustained growth developing play and learning styles, interaction with other kids, intellectual curiosity and the need for individualized attention should be taken into consideration.
The various feelers for choosing a just the right kind of daycare/childcare are as follows-

Neat, safe facilities
Separate spaces should be available for different age groups of children. The furnishings of the classrooms should be child sized. Operational hazards like loose wires, broken pieces of glass should best be avoided. The center should encourage outside area for learning activities as well as for free play.
day-care center for your child
Established Ground rules
The schedule of the daily activities should be posted and current. The staff to child ratio should be healthy so as to prevent the staff from getting over-burdened. The caregivers should follow handwashing procedures after diapering or toileting. There should be a format of communication between the center and the parents.

Healthy food
The facility should serve nutritious meals/ snacks and the weekly chart of the meal plan should be positioned visibly. The parents should be encouraged to provide information of the special diet needs of their baby.
A current License
The license should be current and displayed in a visible location. It should be updated in a periodic basis.

A good reputation
The facility should hold a good reputation among fellow parents as well as the community in general. The staff should be qualified, caring and sincere pertaining to the overall well-being of the kids. The curriculum should be stimulating so as to fire up the young minds. The center should strive towards excellence in providing care attention and showering affection on the young children apart from dealing with their all-round care and upkeep.

On the top of everything the facility should encourage the parents with an open door policy and should be flexible to guide the parents towards better ethics between the parents and the caregivers.
This will give rise to a beautiful understanding between the parents and the center so as to develop the children into all-round individuals.

The care and nurture given by the day-care/ childcare is of utmost importance in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Truly said the care-givers are nothing short of being demi-God to the stressed out parents in the present day scenario.

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How Kitchenette activity helps in the growth process of a child?

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Child development has many vistas. The parents want the child to get well along with the other kids and do well in a formal school. They want him to be good at maths, be creative and punctual and read and write well. He needs to have good study habits and above all be confident and respectful to others. Finally he needs to enjoy learning because the learning process cannot be complete without actively enjoying it.

Kitchenette Activity VKIDS
Kitchenette activity is of utmost importance in the growth process of a child. Here are some feelers-

Salt in an aluminium pan can be used to trace out letters which will reinforce the reading and writing habits in children. Soybeans can be used to pay the kids for chore incentives. 10 beans will earn the child a dollar bill, 15 beans will earn him an extra desert and so on. This will inculcate a sense of frugality in the child. White rice makes for a great pouring job as rice can be poured into 2 measuring cups and the child can be taught how to measure. Weaving projects can be stylized using Styrofoam trays from the kitchen. Boats can be made of dough and a colorful sail can be stuck to the boats teaching the kid how to use color. Math activities can be done by putting pasta in trays with numbers. 1 pasta in tray 1, 2 pastas in tray 2 and so on. Oil and water explorations can be made with rancid oil and can be taught to older children in order to teach them about various science facts. Food coloring is real fun for kids of all age groups.

To conclude kitchenette activity is a huge success all over the world in the care of children as well as it aids in their all round development.

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When is your child ready to attend play-school

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When is your child ready to attend playschool? This is a question being asked by many parents on a day-to-day basis. Setting a right time for a child is an arduous task because each child differs for the others in terms of attitude and temperament.
The various points to note about when you send your child to preschool are as follows-
1) Why should he/she be sent to preschool?
2) Does he/she have the right kind of stamina to follow playschool routine?
3) Is he/she used to have a routine at home?
4) Is he/she ready to participate in group fun activities?
5) Can he/she handle fun projects on his/her own?
6) Has he spent time away from his/her parents?
7) Is the child independent?
If the answer to these questions is true to more than 4 of the above questions, then we believe that it is the right time to send the child to preschool.
If the child is shy or introvert, it is better to send the child to play-school only after the age of two. If the child interacts with his peers in a right perspective, he may be sent earlier. Playschools perform according to a routine and it is important that the child confirms to a set of rules of conduct. If the child is playful and refuses to conform to a set of everyday rules then he may be sent a little later than the other kids. The environment of the play-school has to be safe, secure and stimulating for the child to show an active interest. The play-school should develop a child’s unique talents and gifts so as to develop him into an all-round individual. An open door policy is also important when it comes to sending the child to play-school.
So to conclude the nature of the child whether be it shy or extrovert or independent, is the main guiding feature when it comes to finding the right time of sending the kid to school. A very important suggestion to parents is that they should take the advice of older parents who have been in a similar position before. The older parents will give appropriate feelers so as to correctly gauge the right time to send the child to playschool.

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How To Choose The Best Pre-Primary School For Your Child?

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Decisions regarding the best pre-primary school for your child can sometimes be tough. This is a stage where every parents experience the stress and anxiety in the run to provide the best day care for your child. A proper primary school with the right facilities is of utmost importance to ensure positive development and happiness of a child. A child’s learning and development requirements have to be considered well before selecting a play school. The school has to look into several requirements of the child to develop his/her full potential on academics and co scholastic activities.

What Are The Things To Consider While Selecting Pre-Primary School?

Does the school really fulfill all the requirements of your child?

The best pre-primary schools understand the needs of every child and nurture them accordingly for their positive development.

Is there adequate support offered to the kid?
The school should ensure proper guidance in all stages of development of child-academics, creative, physical and emotional. Children require adequate support during these stages of their life.

How far is the school located from your home/work place?
It’s always better to check the location as well. A school which is closer to your home or work place should be given preference. Apart from this, check with the management what are the steps taken by them in case of any emergency.

Does the school focus on co scholastic activities?
It’s extremely important the school focuses on co scholastic activities. It plays a major role in developing the unique potential of your child and this in turn makes him/her feel comfortable being at school. A balance between scholastic and co scholastic activities should be maintained by the school.

Is there additional support offered by the school?
In case of a child with special needs, the facilities offered by the school need to be enquired thoroughly. Also, does the school offer any motivational programs for its students needs to be considered as children get encouraged to work under such conditions.

What are the resources and facilities offered by the school?
Ensuring that the school provides adequate indoor as well as outdoor facilities is important. Children should be provided with adequate space and opportunities for learning new things.

Before going further with the final choice, consider what’s important to your child and yourself. Ensure that the school suits your child’s interests as the role of pre-primary school in a child’s life is extremely important. It is the basic stage where your child will be prepared for secondary school as well.

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Why is a Day Care Interview Important for a Parent?

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One of the biggest stress that comes to the mind of any working parents is about their children. Their demanding work schedules and responsibilities as a parent have to be balanced. There will be constant thoughts of ensuring the safety of your child in stages like this, where you can’t manage to be with them. Day care comes to the rescue in cases of working parents. Day care is a place where the child spends a few hours under the supervision of a teacher/supervisor.

It is very important for the day care supervisor to know your child well. It’s the place where your child will spend hours in your absence. For the supervisor to understand better on all the requirements, the need for an interview with the parents becomes a must. The following has to be considered which sets the necessity for an interview with the parent:

  • BETTER UNDERSTANDING: There should be a proper understanding between the parties, the supervisor as well as the parents. Nobody can understand a child’s requirements as best as his/her parents. After ensuring the overall facilities of the day care, if found suitable, the day care can be opted for the child. The needs of the parents can be enquired to provide maximum support, care and comfort to the child at the day care.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD: If there is any health issues, food allergies or special diet to be followed by the child, mention it in detail to the supervisor in charge. This enables to take care of the child’s requirements properly. Also, get an emergency contact number to contact the parents in case of emergencies.
  • SIGN A CONTRACT: While choosing Day Cares, it is necessary to understand if it’s a professional or certified day care. For professional day cares, it will be best if there is a contract signed by the parent. The provider can explain the terms of the contract to the parents so that they are aware on all the terms binding upon signing the contract along with the facilities provided by the day care. This will help to avoid the risk of any misunderstanding in the service offered in future.

By developing a better relation with the families there will be an increasing number of parents preferring your day care facilities as each of them give priority to the comfort and safety of their children.

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A Field Trip to MEG Centre at Ulsoor, Bangalore

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VKIDS organized a visit to Army Cantonment recently, as a part of its co- curricular activities.  This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever.  They learned more about an Army cantonment and had a fun time visiting the relatively different aesthetics of the cantonment. They were taken to MEG museum where they witnessed many war equipments, clothing and medals etc. Teachers also took them to bomb/mine defusing training area. They even witnessed the Afghan soldiers who have come to India for taking the training from MEG centre. Teachers also explained them about the vital role, the MEG centre plays in the armed forces.  It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring new horizons of general knowledge for both children and teachers. The visit’s success could really be measured by the deep interest and enthusiasm shown by the students and it was refreshing and promising to see some of them even pledging to take up a career in the armed forces

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