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A Field Trip to MEG Centre at Ulsoor, Bangalore
VKIDS organized a visit to Army Cantonment recently, as a part of its co-curricular activities. This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever. Read more...

VKIDS celebrated Onam festival on 13 September 2013
V Kids always puts an emphasis on extracurricular activities, especially on festival days. Onam is a national festival for India and it is traditionally celebrated, in the name and glory of King 'Mahabali' who ruled Kerala state and made the place very prosperous, both morally and materialistically. Read more...

VKIDS celebrated RED DAY with a lot of fun and excitement
V Kids always focus on the importance of extracurricular activities, to tap the full potential of the children. The good learning experience and creative contests in childhood helps children to be creative leaders in future. Read more...

VKIDS field trip to helipad
Field trips are always a fine way to broaden the minds of the students and it helps to provide them more knowledge in different fields .On 13th September our tiny little stars of nursery were taken to helipad as a part of field trip. Read more...

VKIDS organized Show & tell competition on 20th & 23rd September
VKIDS organized a 'Show & Tell Competition' on 20th & 23rd September for LKG & UKG classes (Pre Primary students). In this competition students must make a speech using the things related to the topic, given to them. Each student must narrate it with five or six sentences. Read more...

VKids organized a Recitation Competition
Recitation helps students to express their reciting skills and their sense of music. The brilliant bond of words, their meaning and the way it is presented makes a recitation flawless. V KIDS organized a recitation competition on 23rd September for the little stars of Nursery. Read more...

Kitchenette Activity (fruit salad)-Preprimary-27-09-13
This month’s Kitchenette activity in VKIDS was ‘fruit salad making’. Teachers instructed children to make fruit salad in a very simple manner. To know the nutrients of the food we eat is very essential for our physical growth so that we can choose the food which is right for our physical development. Read more...

KIDS Painting Cups
VKIDS organizes Kitchenette Activity

VKIDS always puts an emphasis on extracurricular activities and kitchenette activity was one of them. VKIDS, the pre-primary school of Vydehi School of Excellence, organized a kitchenette activity on 30 August 2013...



Fancy dress is an art of wearing an amusing or unusual costume as a part of a theme. Such extracurricular activities help to grow the imagination of child minds. We, at VKIDS a division of Vydehi School of Excellence, have a fine share of extracurricular activities with our academic curriculum.  Such contests stir the spirit of children and open up their minds. The fancy dress competition was held on 27th & 29th of August. The program drew a lot of excitement and laughter among both students and teachers. It was really amazing to see kids dressing up according to various themes. There are umpteen numbers of themes which ranges from freedom fighters, gods like Krishna, Gopis to social reformers such as Swami Vivekananda and political leaders such as Nehru. Parents have chosen very apt dresses for the themes and that added more gloss to the whole programme. We congratulate all the winners of the Fancy dress competition.












VKIDS celebrates 67th Indian Independence Day

As our country celebrates the 67th Indian independence day on the 15th of August 2013, VKIDS, the pre primary division of Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated the day on 14th August 2013 with the eternal favour of patriotism and instilled the importance of being a true Indian in the core, in children.VSE, this time, observed ‘Incredible India’ theme for Independence day as the salutation to the rich heritage of this country and its real heroes.  Pre primary section, ‘VKIDS’ had a special assembly where they did a skit on “respecting our flag.” The celebration lasted almost a week. Principal Mrs. Laly Mathews hosted the National flag and gave a speech laying emphasis on the importance of Independence Day and urged the students to become responsible citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation as good leader, administrator, engineer, doctor etc.  The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by the speech by the head boy who emphasized the importance of acknowledging the great struggle made by our freedom fighters and the challenges our nation faces today.  He urged the students to be responsible and patriotic citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation in their individual capacities.


We are exuberant to announce the following events for this month, August 2013

  1. Special Assembly on “Independence Day”, A Freedom walk through the Campus on 14/08/2013.
  2. Parents observation day on 21/08/2013.
  3. Fancy dress competition.
  4. Kitchenette Activity.
  5. Scholastic Book Fair for Students, from 19/08/2013 to 21/08/2013
As a part of the curriculum, we will be going on a field trip to NANDINI DIARY. This field trip will provide your child with the opportunity to experience the following :-
  • Production of milk and milk products.
  • Nutritional value of milk products.
  • Preservation of milk
An itinerary and a schedule of our proposed activities during the field trip are included for your information.

DATE: 31/07/2013
DRESS CODE: Wednesday School Uniform.
BREAKFAST & LUNCH: Provided from School.

Please Note

  • Timing for the field trip will be within SCHOOL WORKING HOURS, following the Friday timing, i.e., dispersal from school will be at 3:15 pm.
  • Without the parent’s written consent, the child will not be taken to the trip. Also note, telephonic consent will not be entertained.
  • If parents are not willing to send their children for field trip, make sure that your ward is not send to school on 31/07/13. However, those availing daycare may use the facility.


We would like to congratulate the Students who participated in the State Level Spell Bee. The first twenty rank holders qualify for the National Level.
We are proud to state that all our students are in the top 20, and will now participate in the National Level


Name of the Students


State Rank

1 Arav Nursery 6th
2 Sanjana Nursery 10th
3 Anvita Nursery 14th
4 Tejashwin LKG 13th
5 Shivani LKG 18th
6 Helen LKG 18th
7 Sri Rao UKG 3rd
8 Advaith UKG 3rd
9 Soha UKG 8th
10 Srinidhi UKG 8th
11 Dipiti UKG 13th
12 Simran UKG 15th


We tap the creative potential of the students through a series of competitions which provide a platform for them to express themselves. A series of competitions were organized for Kindergarten Children belong to various age groups, on January 30/1/2013. They are listed below:
  • Show and tell for Nursery
  • Picture Reading for LKG
  • Word Relay for UKG children
In Show and Tell Competition competition every Nursery student came up with an object like telephone, video game, car and presented them in an innovative way to describe what they are. Show and Tell Competition helped the students to gain confidence and improve their oral skills.
Visit to Post Office
Along with teachers, fire fighters and police officers, mail carriers are among the first community workers, as the theme for the month was community helpers, a visit to Post office was organised in the month of January. Children were curious to see Postman, Letter box and stamps. Children learnt a lot from the trip to the post office. Students prepared Republic Day Cards for their Parents and mailed to their homes during the visit to the Post office. They collected stamps.

Vydehi School of Excellence conducts a summer camp named “Fun Troopers 2013”, from 8th April to 17th May. This summer camp is designed as a fun and adventure bonanza for children belong to various age groups between 4 and 13. The activities include Music, Theatre, Art & Craft, Clay Modeling, Pottery, Yoga, Chess, Table Tennis, Robotics/Do Science and Little Chef. The prime mission of this summer camp is to explore the creativity and enthusiasm in children. Similarly, there are different programs available based on the requirements such as
 1) Full Day Care + Summer Camp (9 am – 5 pm) ;
 2) Half Day Care + Summer Camp (9 am – 1 pm / 1 pm – 5 pm) ;
 3) Full Day Summer Camp (10 am – 3 pm) ;
 4) Half Day Summer Camp (10 am – 12.30 pm / 1 pm – 3 pm).

          4 years - 5 + years (ROOKIES)
          6 years – 8 + years ( CHAMPS)
          9 years – 13+ years (CHALLENGERS)

  SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM DATES (8th April - 17th May) (45 DAYS / 30 DAYS / 15 DAYS )
          8TH APRIL - 19TH APRIL
          22ND APRIL - 3RD MAY
          6TH MAY - 17TH MAY

          8TH APRIL - 19TH APRIL ( 15 DAYS )
          8TH APRIL - 3RD MAY ( 30 DAYS )
          8TH APRIL - 17TH MAY ( 45 DAYS )
          22ND APRIL - 3RD MAY ( 15 DAYS )
          22ND APRIL - 17TH MAY ( 30 DAYS )
          6TH MAY - 17TH MAY ( 15 DAYS )
For any queries: Contact : 9538111188 / 080-32420204.

Transportation is also available for the children who are registered for this program.

Soaking in the spirit of Christmas, tiny tots of VKIDS celebrated the Christmas festival in advance at school campus on 21st December 2013 by exchanging gifts. The entire campus was festooned with colourful balloons and a brightly decorated Christmas tree. Pre Primary children enacted the birth of Jesus Christ, depicting the true essence of love, joy and peace, wherein they were dressed as Santa Claus, Joseph, Mother Mary, The Kings (three Wiseman) and the shepherds. The presence of the shepherds, the three kings and angel Gabriel gave a sense of authenticity to the whole play. These celebrations were ended with the Class Party.

We, at VSE, believe a variety of extracurricular activities plays an important part in the overall development of children’s minds. It also motivates them to think practically and do what is appropriate to the situation. We are committed to provide such opportunities to our students whenever there is a possibility. Clay Modelling competition was one of them and it was held in the month of December 2013. Pre primary children participated with a lot of enthusiasm in this competition as they took it as a golden opportunity to express their creativity. Students were asked to fabricate any imaginary product/object out of clay. The outcome of the competition was hilarious as well as interesting as young students produced incredibly creative clay forms.

Pre Primary Kitchenette Activity Of VKIDS
Kids are always curious to unravel the mystery behind cooking.  They usually ask questions, regarding cooking, to parents such as ‘where does this food come from’ and ‘how does it get the aroma’ to know “what’s cooking” in the kitchen! Cooking, apart from being an art and hobby, is an essential thing one needs to learn to become self sufficient.  If you learn preparing food items in the right way, it saves you a lot of time and money. As a part of their pre-school teaching, the play school section of Vydehi School of Excellence, Bangalore has decided to conduct a Kitchenette activity for kids, on November 21.

Preprimary Sports Events
VKIDS, the play school section of 'Vydehi School of Excellence', Bangalore has conducted a "sports day" on 20th November, this year. The day, in its sheer spirit, was an inspiring day for the kids in pre primary section of "Vydehi School Of Excellence". The VKIDS faculty has won the challenge of persuading maximum number of children to participate in this colorful event. In Sports day, we had a fancy set in our ground for pre primary section kids. The set was composed in bright, fancy colors such as Blue, Red and Yellow, which kids usually find interesting.



Vkids – Fancy Dress Competition
Fancy dress competitions can be a lot of fun in addition to innovations. A grand fancy dress competition was organized in VKIDS in August 2012. In the fancy dress competition the kids dressed up in the attires of different Indian states .Such competitions make the children aware of their country as they have to know about the character they are portraying, state of the character, work and life-style of the character. The children get an idea of what their country India is all about, the different states with different attires, which gives us a huge collection of Indian outfit.



The Kids from VKIDS School Visited Fire Station as a Field Trip in Bangalore
The first field trip of the year was organized by VKIDS in July 2012. Taking children for school trips like amusement parks, farms, nature centers, factories, and other outdoor activities contributes some of the key elements in their learning process. Several researches generally document school field trips to a great extent that contribute to their cognitive skills and environmental concepts. The kids from VKIDS visited fire station where they learnt how the fire people save our lives from fire disasters . Most kids know that fire is dangerous and scary. However, the topic of fire safety is something that they should never be frightened of. As a matter of fact, kids should be made to realize the importance of this subject matter and topics like prevention of fires, risks, injuries, and fatalities should be clearly explained.



"Self –Introduction" competition  
was conducted in VKIDS- Play School, Pre School, Day Care in July 2012, here the pre-primary kids proved that they can very well introduce themselves to the world. Introducing oneself to the world is an art as the saying goes “in the first part of your life convince yourself that you are the best because rest of you r life will go in convincing others that you are the best.” Such type of exposures help children to build their self esteem and self confidence.

Without any doubt self esteem is the key to every individual’s success and needs the right platform for growth. Self esteem is not an independent concept; it is blended with other significant concepts like