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About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning should foster intrigue and interest during the critical phase of a child's life. Above all, it should be fun-filled and delivered to unleash the child's unique personality. By nurturing them as individuals, we enhance their exclusive talents and raise their confidence and interest in the process of learning. We also instill the values of appreciation and respect for cultural diversity.

At this stage, children should have a positive outlook and possess high level of confidence. VKIDS founders and partners are forward looking leaders who believe in preparing for the future. So we aim at total personality development, leadership skills and emotional growth of the child. We do so by harnessing the five basic skills of language, physical, emotional, social and intellectual; leading to positive attitudes and critical thinking.

VKDS is a state-of-the-art pre-school and a part of the Vydehi School of Excellence, it is inspired by the vision of making learning a creative and enjoyable experience.

Co-ordinator's Desk

Pre-School period is a time for playing, learning and growing….

As they move into their respective tomorrows so bright…..with goals to be achieved and more dreams still to aspire….we say to them... “Work hard and play straight"

We at VKIDS provide an atmosphere full of love, careand comfort and prepare the children to achieve age appropriate developmental tasks required at various stages of their life
Every child is special and unique, and here we give them their own pace to learn. We provide an enriched curriculum designed for the holistic development of every child .

VKIDS have established a “Tradition of Excellence” in academics, co-curricular activities and holistic development. 

I am proud of the wide range of educational opportunities that our school offers in literacy, numeracy, science, interactive classrooms, art and craft, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, yoga, physical education, sports, field trips and camps.  We cater to the needs of all our students and ensure that the curriculum we deliver develops the whole child and makes them Leaders of Tomorrow.

What Makes Us Special

Everything that sets VKIDS apart from other Pre-schools and Day-Care Centers are rooted in three facts: first, our reach into a pool of invaluable resources that stretch from infrastructure to healthcare to state-of-the-art IT facilities. Second, we host experts with several years of experience in HR that ensures superior staff. Third, we have gone through extensive research to understand and identify the concerns that parents have, especially working mothers, about their child's overall development in their absence.

Our aim is to not only stop at providing a service but, to partner with parents to see children enjoy their days at VKIDS and when they leave for school not only the children but also their parents should be happy, confident and ready for the challenges ahead of them.

VKIDS is not a regular home-grown Pre-school and Day-care centre. It is founded by the Vydehi group, champions in education and healthcare, with established Medical and Engineering colleges. Forward-looking leaders have collaborated with experts in the field of IT and HR to provide holistic development of children. The early phase of growth is crucial as it shapes certain habits for life; hence the focus is on instilling a positive attitude, a sense of security and self-confidence. Therefore all resources are generously extended for the wellbeing and safety of children.

VKIDS boasts of a 200,000 square feet area surrounded by a realm of serenity and greenery, enclosed within the boundaries of sector of Information Technology. It is designed with the mind-set that children need adequate space and the influence of nature to think "out side the box". The safety and security of the entire campus including VKIDS is given utmost importance. It is well compounded by walls and trained security men are posted in all strategic locations including the single main gate entrance.

Partnership with VHIRE4U, expert in HR, ensures that only the best teachers are recruited and highly experienced, reputable care-givers are hired to take care of toddlers and preschoolers. It is found that children get easily attached to their teachers and in order to give them that sense of security and comfort we make sure that whoever we recruit are committed and understand the psychology of children. Our in-house child psychologists help towards this process of building a closer relationship with the children

Meals are designed according to the specific requirements of the child. We understand that children have different likes and dislikes whilst some may be free off allergies, others may not. Hence in collaboration with parents, our dietician sketches out specific meal plans for each child. This eliminates the need to worry about what your kid eats in your absence.

All Preschools and Day-Care Centers make promises of providing a secure ambience yet, the diminishing enthusiasm about going to school, cranky behavior, and unreasonable fear amongst children go unexplained. So for the first time at VKIDS, parents are given the opportunity to view their child at specific hours through live webcasting from their own PC.

The School Management System, accessible to all stakeholders, is a dynamic platform that helps to keep track of all the activities of the school, the important dates and the progress of the child. All our exceptional IT facilities are created and maintained by the WONESTY team in partnership with VKIDS

Professional pressures do not escape working mothers who often make cutbacks in their career progression graph and lose out on key opportunities; Such issues can easily cause dissatisfaction. Afterall, no one ever said that mothers are not allowed to be ambitious. In fact a mother who can fulfill her own ambitions is better equipped to do the same for her child. So at VKIDS we offer "early hours" in the morning and "extended hours" in the evening. In case of unscheduled meetings or busy Saturdays, moms can inform the school and their child will be accommodated comfortably for those extra hours.

Our resources enable us to provide facilities that easily meet international standards. Smart Boards are placed in every classroom, to make education more interactive and engaging. Audio visual rooms make learning fun; the aim is to really build their interest in various subjects using different mediums. For those inclined towards art, we have art and craft material that could satisfy an army of artists! Children are all different and their natural talents are nurtured so that they grow as individuals who think independently.

VKIDS is the pursuit of a vision by a group that recognizes the importance of fostering "happy and safe" upbringing of children. We admire moms who possess the unique capability of managing home front and office work with equal courage and creativity. Although all moms are essentially "working moms"; parents in general require a hand from time to time and VKIDS is an answer to their never resting minds. Children look up to both parents as idols and hence VKIDS aims to enhance the quality of time parents spend with their children by ensuring that the time spent away from each other is as smooth and happy as possible. Afterall it is the quality rather than the quantity of time spent together that matters most.

VKIDS is a second home to my son Yash. He completely enjoys it there and is completely at home. His routine activities like food, play and rest is taken care of very well by the staff. Staff is very cordial and open to one is to one interaction. Every day feedback is given to us. Once my son comes back he is calm and eager to go back to VKIDS the next day.

Mrs.Swapna B (Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Vydehi Institute and Hospital) & Mr. Sunil P.K (Assistant Professor, Cardiothoracic, Jayadeva Hospital)
Parents of Yash (Day-care)

I really appreciate the sense of security I feel when I leave my son at VKIDS. It took us a few years to have our family together at Bangalore and we don't want to worry about him while we are working. Our two year old is learning words, games and songs and is eager to share his day with us when he gets home. The baby likes to remember the teachers, fellow kids and nurses when he is back home. Everything he does is age appropriate. We love VKIDS! Huge thanks!!!

Mrs. & Mr. Shanmugham
Mom (Assistant System Engineer, TCS) & Dad (Admin Executive, TCS)
Parents of Samrath Sethuraman (Day-care)

What is most important thing for parents? Their children, of course. When we visited VKIDS, while we were searching for a Day-Care for our son Sharvil, it was early days for VKIDS. In fact, Sharvil was the first one to take admission in Day-Care. What we have seen over the period of time is that VKIDS is putting a lot of effort into improving and making it a better environment for the children.

We would like to appreciate various aspects of VKIDS such as big rooms, friendly environment, well disciplined and attentive staff. They are working on teaching various arts such as music and painting in early days of childhood which will probably make lot of difference in their life. Our sole purpose behind keeping our son in Day-Care was to make him more social and encourage him to be a part of the environment that will help in faster brain development. When we observe our son, we feel that our purpose seems to be fulfilling. In short, all we would say about VKIDS is:
V - Value for money
K - Kids
I    - Intelligent start
D - Development towards
S - Successful life

Shalaka Naik & Ambrish Naik (Project Manager, UNISYS)
Parents of Sharvil Naik (Day-care)

I am pleased with the education of my daughter, Roshni is receiving at Vkids. In particularly the one to one care from your staff member has already started to reflect a great positive change in my daughter. I look forward to Roshni's continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.

Rajashree Havaldhar (Home Maker) & Manjunath Havaldhar (Project Manager, Dell Services, Bangalore)
Parents of Roshni Havaldhar (Playschool)

School is a second home for children. Vydehi School provides all the basic requirements for the kids in the initial years itself which majority of schools fail to do. Vydehi School has got an attractive entrance, a beautiful classroom, a sweet lunch room, sleep room and a well furnished play room which includes play items such as slides, tricycles and many more. Classrooms contain attractive walls and beautiful furniture especially designed for children. The pilot of the ship- the teachers, are so down to earth and full of patience. They maintain children so well those kids don't want to come out of school to go home and they mould them to become good citizens of India.

Mrs.Shiva Sree (Receptionist, Vydehi Institute and Hospital) & Mr. Veera Babu (Assistant Education Head)
Parents of Mohit Sai (Plays-school & Day-care)

" VKIDS is a really nice place for kids. my daughter was not used to staying away from me but the teachers and the caretakers were very patient and now she really enjoys her time here. they have a lot of toys and are very particular about hygiene. I am happy that I chose this place."

Mrs. Neelam Sharma & Mr. Aman Sharma (Engineering Manager, Yahoo)
Parents of Trisha Sharma (Day-care)

Vydehi School of Excellence has a systematic approach towards the syllabus. They have big classrooms. They have a nice big playground. Above all and most importantly, they have dedicated staff, teachers and a very supportive management.

Our daughter, Sejal, enjoys every second in Vydehi School and explains all the things that happen in the school each day.  Her communication skill has improved a lot. She enjoys the sports activities, karate class, art and craft and especially music and dance. She has shown improvement in both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Dr. Santosh Nagalikar (Assistant Professor in ENT, Vydehi Medical College) & Dr. Sumathi Nagalikar (Housewife) – Parents of Sejal.S. Nagalikar.