Vkids Visited Field Trip to Fire Station in Bangalore

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The first field trip of the year was organized by VKIDS in July. Taking children for school trips like amusement parks, farms, nature centers, factories, and other outdoor activities contributes some of the key elements in their learning process. Several researches generally document school field trips to a great extent that contribute to their cognitive skills and environmental concepts. The kids from VKIDS visited fire station where they learnt how the fire people save our lives from fire disasters .

Most kids know that fire is dangerous and scary. However, the topic of fire safety is something that they should never be frightened of. As a matter of fact, kids should be made to realize the importance of this subject matter and topics like prevention of fires, risks, injuries, and fatalities should be clearly explained. Visiting fire station is not only a thrilling experience but the kids end up gaining a lot of firsthand knowledge about fire fighters. They get to see a real life demonstration of the fire brigade -how it works, the ladder-how a fighter climbs it to rescue people from high building, how the fire brigade bell is used to make way for the water tanker to rush on a fire spot. These are all practical learning which remains with the child throughout his or her life. Making safety education fun and enjoyable can help significantly in instilling valuable lessons in children more effectively.

This can also help to ensure that they do not develop too much fear of fire, not to the extent where they freeze during an actual emergency situation. Having the confidence and knowledge on fire safety can make it easier for them to do the right thing during a fire breakout. It is absolutely certain that children tend to learn better about a subject from a field trip than what they generally do through textbooks. There’s no alternative to hands on experience and the true retentive learning that this brings

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