Vkids Fancy Dress Competition

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VKIDS organized a grand fancy dress competition in 2012 August with a theme of traditional attires from different states.  The main intention behind the competition was to make children familiarize with the attires of Indian states. Each child is allowed to portray a character from history, who belonged to a particular state. This was a prolific method to infuse the interest for history in children. While dressing up for the character, children obviously were getting informed about the character and their lifestyle. The fancy dress competition turned out to be a rare cultural bonanza that displayed a huge collection of Indian outfits.

The contest was so much fun for both the kids and teachers alike while it reflected the fact that the attires can reflect the character of the people who wear them. Children who wore the attires of Subhash Chandra Bose and Krishna’s Gopis were the sparkling examples for it as the outfits just transformed them into a different person in a particular time period. The child who wore the Gopi costume brought the audience back to the ancient times of Krishna. The child who dressed in the Subhash Chandra Bose way reminded the audience of the great Indian hero in a very subtle way. These outfits quickly triggered the fond memories and images attached with the legendary characters they represented. There were teachers and care takers to organize the event to its peak perfection. Children represented almost every state through their outfits, ranging from various kinds of south Indian saris to North Indian Kurtas and Dhothis.

Children with their sincere participation and their beautiful traditional outfits gave new dimension to the contest. This contest also reflected the beauty of traditional Indian attires, thanks to the hard work of parents, children and teachers. Each design reflected the times they were originated and urged a chatoyant perspective of fashion. On the whole, the Fancy dress contest was a reminiscence of Indian culture and fashion of ancient times. It reminded us the richness of Indian designs which are brilliantly complex in their structure. Kashmiri traditional outfit was one of the glittering entries in the contest while Kurta and Pajama also stole the show.

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