Vkids School Self Introduction Competition

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Self introduction Competition

Vkids School -Self Introduction Competition

VKIDS organized a ‘Self-introduction competition’ for Pre School, Play School and Day care in July 2012.  The event proved that the pre primary kids can very well introduce themselves to the world.

Introducing oneself to the world is an art as the saying goes “in the first part of your life convince yourself that you are the best because rest of your life will go in convincing others that you are the best.”  The exposure of this kind will boost the confidence of children and help them to be more social. Self esteem is one of the most essential factors in the character building of children as it gives a protection wall for the child minds to defend psychological attacks such as bullying.

A confident mind leads one to great success even when the tides are against them. VKIDS identified and understood the need for proper character building and thus the contest happened. Children felt more brave and confident after they got on the stage and introduced themselves to an audience. There are many among us, suffering from confidence issues such as stage fright and public speaking fear. VKIDS believe that contests of this kind are a cure for such issues which often come as stumbling blocks in one’s career. We hope to build a confident new generation for India.

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