Summer Time Activities for Kids

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Summer is round the corner and so are summer holidays. Parents as usual are trying to figure out summer activities for keeping their kids engaged. It is apparently a real good idea and a step in the right direction for parents. Health experts have always been of the view to keep your kids from being couch potatoes hooked to the tablet or play station or TV and rather spend time outdoors and even if its indoors they are engaged into activities, worthwhile. Their statistics say that in USA over 5000 kindergarteners and first graders doubled their weight during summer vacations. As per experts it is important for kids to exercise for at least 60 minutes daily.

Summer Camp at Vydehi

So, here are a few tips on who you can keep your kids engages into indoor and outdoor activities.

Toys in Sight – Keep their toys like hoola hoop, cycle, ball well in sight so that kids can view and pick them up easily. This idea is a definite hit for most of the times.

Play with your Kids – After a Sunday lunch or a early dinner don’t sit and watch TV together instead go out for a stroll, play outside with the dog or have a badminton session of half n hour before you head to bed.

Activities as Rewards – You can keep certain activities that interest your kids as rewards. For example you can tell your child that they could get an extra hour to play their favourite sport against something else.

Invite Friends – If friends are around kids tend to get more indulged into what they are doing. So, try to invite some friends with their kids at home and plan some outdoor play together or indoor games like carrom, chess and more.

Adventure Sports – Adventures are a definite yes, but adult supervision is a must. So, go to water parks or amusement parks, or cycling, hiking or surfing but be alert and super surveilant on your kids when indulging into such activities.

Well, keeping your kids engaged can help you find yourself as well and get you an opportunity to spend quality time with them while exercising your body. So, this summer have a cooler plan, a plan that not only keeps you kids active but even strengthens your family bond while giving rewarding you with sweet memories for life.

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