How to choose an appropriate childcare or day-care center for your child

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For a parent, it is extremely important to know your child’s likes, dislikes, health, interests, behavior and temperament. For sustained growth developing play and learning styles, interaction with other kids, intellectual curiosity and the need for individualized attention should be taken into consideration.
The various feelers for choosing a just the right kind of daycare/childcare are as follows-

Neat, safe facilities
Separate spaces should be available for different age groups of children. The furnishings of the classrooms should be child sized. Operational hazards like loose wires, broken pieces of glass should best be avoided. The center should encourage outside area for learning activities as well as for free play.
day-care center for your child
Established Ground rules
The schedule of the daily activities should be posted and current. The staff to child ratio should be healthy so as to prevent the staff from getting over-burdened. The caregivers should follow handwashing procedures after diapering or toileting. There should be a format of communication between the center and the parents.

Healthy food
The facility should serve nutritious meals/ snacks and the weekly chart of the meal plan should be positioned visibly. The parents should be encouraged to provide information of the special diet needs of their baby.
A current License
The license should be current and displayed in a visible location. It should be updated in a periodic basis.

A good reputation
The facility should hold a good reputation among fellow parents as well as the community in general. The staff should be qualified, caring and sincere pertaining to the overall well-being of the kids. The curriculum should be stimulating so as to fire up the young minds. The center should strive towards excellence in providing care attention and showering affection on the young children apart from dealing with their all-round care and upkeep.

On the top of everything the facility should encourage the parents with an open door policy and should be flexible to guide the parents towards better ethics between the parents and the caregivers.
This will give rise to a beautiful understanding between the parents and the center so as to develop the children into all-round individuals.

The care and nurture given by the day-care/ childcare is of utmost importance in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Truly said the care-givers are nothing short of being demi-God to the stressed out parents in the present day scenario.

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