How Kitchenette activity helps in the growth process of a child?

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Child development has many vistas. The parents want the child to get well along with the other kids and do well in a formal school. They want him to be good at maths, be creative and punctual and read and write well. He needs to have good study habits and above all be confident and respectful to others. Finally he needs to enjoy learning because the learning process cannot be complete without actively enjoying it.

Kitchenette Activity VKIDS
Kitchenette activity is of utmost importance in the growth process of a child. Here are some feelers-

Salt in an aluminium pan can be used to trace out letters which will reinforce the reading and writing habits in children. Soybeans can be used to pay the kids for chore incentives. 10 beans will earn the child a dollar bill, 15 beans will earn him an extra desert and so on. This will inculcate a sense of frugality in the child. White rice makes for a great pouring job as rice can be poured into 2 measuring cups and the child can be taught how to measure. Weaving projects can be stylized using Styrofoam trays from the kitchen. Boats can be made of dough and a colorful sail can be stuck to the boats teaching the kid how to use color. Math activities can be done by putting pasta in trays with numbers. 1 pasta in tray 1, 2 pastas in tray 2 and so on. Oil and water explorations can be made with rancid oil and can be taught to older children in order to teach them about various science facts. Food coloring is real fun for kids of all age groups.

To conclude kitchenette activity is a huge success all over the world in the care of children as well as it aids in their all round development.

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