Why is a Day Care Interview Important for a Parent?

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One of the biggest stress that comes to the mind of any working parents is about their children. Their demanding work schedules and responsibilities as a parent have to be balanced. There will be constant thoughts of ensuring the safety of your child in stages like this, where you can’t manage to be with them. Day care comes to the rescue in cases of working parents. Day care is a place where the child spends a few hours under the supervision of a teacher/supervisor.

It is very important for the day care supervisor to know your child well. It’s the place where your child will spend hours in your absence. For the supervisor to understand better on all the requirements, the need for an interview with the parents becomes a must. The following has to be considered which sets the necessity for an interview with the parent:

  • BETTER UNDERSTANDING: There should be a proper understanding between the parties, the supervisor as well as the parents. Nobody can understand a child’s requirements as best as his/her parents. After ensuring the overall facilities of the day care, if found suitable, the day care can be opted for the child. The needs of the parents can be enquired to provide maximum support, care and comfort to the child at the day care.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS OF YOUR CHILD: If there is any health issues, food allergies or special diet to be followed by the child, mention it in detail to the supervisor in charge. This enables to take care of the child’s requirements properly. Also, get an emergency contact number to contact the parents in case of emergencies.
  • SIGN A CONTRACT: While choosing Day Cares, it is necessary to understand if it’s a professional or certified day care. For professional day cares, it will be best if there is a contract signed by the parent. The provider can explain the terms of the contract to the parents so that they are aware on all the terms binding upon signing the contract along with the facilities provided by the day care. This will help to avoid the risk of any misunderstanding in the service offered in future.

By developing a better relation with the families there will be an increasing number of parents preferring your day care facilities as each of them give priority to the comfort and safety of their children.

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