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VKIDS is founded by the Vydehi group, the reigning champion in education and healthcare sectors with highly successful engineering and medical colleges. VKIDS is a pre primary school with a enchanting philosophy of finding the unique potential of children who are the future of our country. We strive to unleash the child’s unique personality through various methods of teaching which expands horizons of their mind. This could help to cement their confidence and boost their exclusive talents to show up and this, altogether, improves learning. As we live in a country which is a melting pot for various cultures, we ensure that our students respect cultural diversity.

Unlike many other pre primary schools, we focus on leadership skills, total personality development and emotional growth of the children. We train them in the five basic skills of language, physical, emotional, social and intellectual, which will lay foundation for positive attitudes and critical thinking. Love, comfort and care are very essential factors to foster child minds and we provide the children a well structured ambience that contains all of them. Trainers and teachers are keen to give the children age appropriate developmental tasks required to enhance their ability to think rationally. VKIDS have established a “Tradition of Excellence” in academics, co-curricular activities and holistic development. We understand the uniqueness of every child and give them their own space to progress. Our curriculum is designed in such way to foster a holistic development of the students.


VKIDS is a first of its kind in the stream of pre schools, as it offers a wide range of opportunities for kids to learn many topics of their interest – literacy, numeracy, science, interactive classrooms, art and craft, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, yoga, physical education, sports, field trips and camps.  This preschool is committed to make your children ‘leaders of the future’. Every aspect that sets VKIDS apart from other Pre-schools and Day-Care Canters are based on three facts: first, our access to a pool of rich resources that ranges from infrastructure to healthcare to state-of-the-art IT facilities.

VKIDS has a 20000 square feet campus surrounded by a serene, calm and green landscape. We have given the utmost importance for safety of children so the school compound is protected by walls and trained security men who are posted in well planned, strategic locations including the single main gate entrance. Partnership with VHIRE4U, Bangalore, a premier firm in the field of HR, helps us to get the best teachers, who are experienced in managing children with great care. We always hire reputed care givers to take care of pre-schoolers and toddlers. It is observed that the kids in VKIDS easily get attached to their teachers and it mostly could be because of the teachers’ superior understanding of children psychology. We have in-house child psychologists who encourage children to overcome worries and other problems related to mind.

Customized meals menu is a rare facility which is an added benefit of VKIDS. Meals are designed according to the specific requirements of the child. Each child has his/her own preference in food. some will be have allergies towards certain kind of foods. To avoid such difficulties, VKIDS has come up with an option for customized menu. Day-Care Centres and Play schools usually boast of a serene and disciplined ambience but sometimes the anxiety in children when mentioning about school proves otherwise. So we initiate a new school culture that allows the parents to monitor their children in specific hours through live webcasting from their own PC.

VKIDS has set a School Management System , a platform that helps to keep track of all the activities of the school, important updates and progress of the child, is accessible to all stakeholders including parents, teachers, principal and school management. This helps to enhance the transparency in the education process. The efficient IT facilities of VKIDS are created and maintained by WONESTY web solutions, Bangalore.  VKIDS is a unique and highly sophisticated school for your child to find his/her potential and develop it further for a bright future.


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