V KIDS celebrated RED DAY with a lot of fun and excitement

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V Kids always focus on the importance of extracurricular activities, to tap the full potential of the children. The good learning experience and creative contests in childhood helps children to be creative leaders in future. VKIDS organized the RED DAY on 18 September 2013 and the theme and concept of the program was to come in red coloured dresses and to decorate the hall reserved for the event in red colour. VKIDS celebrated the day with children and teachers coming in red coloured outfits. The playing room is decorated with red dominating toys, balloons, tables and other objects. Some of the parents also participated in the program with a lot of excitement. We received a very positive feedback for the program and parents informed us that they expect more of such activities in our pre primary school. Children opined that it was great fun to participate in the program.

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