Vkids Sports Day 2012

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VKIDS, the play school section of ‘Vydehi School of Excellence’, Bangalore has conducted a “sports day” on 20th November, this year. The day, in its sheer spirit, was an inspiring day for the kids in pre primary section of “Vydehi School Of Excellence”. The VKIDS faculty has won the challenge of persuading maximum number of children to participate in this colorful event.

In Sports day, we had a fancy set in our ground for pre primary section kids. The set was composed in bright, fancy colors such as Blue, Red and Yellow, which kids usually find interesting. The high spirited event, which began from 9.15 am, lasted almost three hours and the matches were held in three different sections of our pre-primary school – LKG & UKG, Day Care & Play Group and Nursery. Fifteen teachers from the day care/Nursery/Pre School section were there to organize the event and take care of the children. Our kindergarten/Nursery kids put their heart into the games and competed very vigorously, creating a great ambience.

The Montessori students also competed in various games such as Baton relay, Fix the puzzle and loop hoop and run etc. The length of track was 100 meters while 6 students participated in each competition. The games like “Fix the puzzle” helps to push the thinking abilities of child to a new level. Headmistress of the school presented the winners chocolate bars and biscuits, which brought happy smiles to their faces.

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