When is your child ready to attend play-school

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When is your child ready to attend playschool? This is a question being asked by many parents on a day-to-day basis. Setting a right time for a child is an arduous task because each child differs for the others in terms of attitude and temperament.
The various points to note about when you send your child to preschool are as follows-
1) Why should he/she be sent to preschool?
2) Does he/she have the right kind of stamina to follow playschool routine?
3) Is he/she used to have a routine at home?
4) Is he/she ready to participate in group fun activities?
5) Can he/she handle fun projects on his/her own?
6) Has he spent time away from his/her parents?
7) Is the child independent?
If the answer to these questions is true to more than 4 of the above questions, then we believe that it is the right time to send the child to preschool.
If the child is shy or introvert, it is better to send the child to play-school only after the age of two. If the child interacts with his peers in a right perspective, he may be sent earlier. Playschools perform according to a routine and it is important that the child confirms to a set of rules of conduct. If the child is playful and refuses to conform to a set of everyday rules then he may be sent a little later than the other kids. The environment of the play-school has to be safe, secure and stimulating for the child to show an active interest. The play-school should develop a child’s unique talents and gifts so as to develop him into an all-round individual. An open door policy is also important when it comes to sending the child to play-school.
So to conclude the nature of the child whether be it shy or extrovert or independent, is the main guiding feature when it comes to finding the right time of sending the kid to school. A very important suggestion to parents is that they should take the advice of older parents who have been in a similar position before. The older parents will give appropriate feelers so as to correctly gauge the right time to send the child to playschool.

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