Pre Primary Kitchenette Activity Of VKIDS

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Kids are always curious to unravel the mystery behind cooking.  They usually ask questions, regarding cooking, to parents such as ‘where does this food come from’ and ‘how does it get the aroma’ to know “what’s cooking” in the kitchen! Cooking, apart from being an art and hobby, is an essential thing one needs to learn to become self sufficient.  If you learn preparing food items in the right way, it saves you a lot of time and money. As a part of their pre-school teaching, the play school section of Vydehi School of Excellence, Bangalore has decided to conduct a Kitchenette activity for kids, on November 21.

The room that served as the venue of this ‘day care’ section activity was decorated in fancy colors such as Green and Yellow. All Montessori kids were given the chef’s hat (toque), made of papers. Each hat had the name of the particular student who wore it, imprinted on it with a head title, ‘Little Chef’, written in big fonts. The dining tables were decorated with fancy table clothes that bore the photos of flowers and fruits on them. The kindergarten kids have enjoyed every bit of their kitchenette activity and made ‘Ladoo’ and ‘Chocolate balls’ under the guidance of facilitators.

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