A Field Trip to MEG Centre at Ulsoor, Bangalore

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VKIDS organized a visit to Army Cantonment recently, as a part of its co- curricular activities.  This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever.  They learned more about an Army cantonment and had a fun time visiting the relatively different aesthetics of the cantonment. They were taken to MEG museum where they witnessed many war equipments, clothing and medals etc. Teachers also took them to bomb/mine defusing training area. They even witnessed the Afghan soldiers who have come to India for taking the training from MEG centre. Teachers also explained them about the vital role, the MEG centre plays in the armed forces.  It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring new horizons of general knowledge for both children and teachers. The visit’s success could really be measured by the deep interest and enthusiasm shown by the students and it was refreshing and promising to see some of them even pledging to take up a career in the armed forces

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